CDC Board

Stoney Patton Chairperson

The Providence Presbyterian Child Development Center is owned by Providence Presbyterian Church, a member of the Presbyterian Church - USA, a mainline denomination of 1.9 million members. The Center is managed by an advisory board made up of members of the church, an on-site director, and a parent liaison who is not a member of the church.

The Center seeks to provide quality day care for children, age six weeks through grade five. Children already in the After School Program can request to continue past the fifth grade. Parent concerns are very important to us. Concerns can be expressed to the directors, board members, or the parent liaison. A current listing of the Advisory Board will be kept on our website.

Andy Beeson Parent Liaison
Violet Hane Church Member
Chuck Carter Church Member
Anne Marie Ashley Church Member and CDC Parent
Mike Bragan Church Pastor
Joan Bullock CDC Director

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