Every child of God is blessed with a portion of grace that can mean something to another individual. Maybe it's an undiscovered singing ability. An interest in health and wellness activities. The ability to cook and serve a large meal or herd a group of squirmy five-year-olds. The ability to drive a nail and actually hit it, sometimes.

Whatever the activity, large or small, local or worldwide, it's all part of making missions a part of your life. It's finding ways to put your talents to work, even if you thought you had nothing to give.

We're here to help you discover that hidden potential. To go out and touch the smallest portion of God's world, and to show his love through your hands.

Habitat for Humanity
We support Habitat efforts in the Midlands by raising cash to sponsor local houses.  Every year a group of our members spends a week in the mountains of North Carolina helping to build a home.

Providence Presbyterian Child Development Center
More than 95 preschoolers light up the hallways during the week with squeals, hugs, and laughter, reminding us of God's gift of children. Our CDC staff provides care and Christian nurturing to these smallest ones, becoming part of their extended family.

Youth Projects
Providence youth are everywhere in the community, lending their enthusiasm and energy to missions including Canoeing for Kids, Habitat for Humanity, Crop Walk, Souper Bowl, and a variety of service projects for older adults.

Heifer Project
A mission activity met each year with glee by Providence children, the Heifer Project raises money to buy farm animals for people in underdeveloped communities worldwide. The critters provide a renewable food source (eggs, milk) and renew themselves for the sustenance of families of need.

Migrant Farm Workers Ministry
A ministry in our Presbytery that ministers educationally, materially and spiritually to the many migrant farm workers who come through this area.  The Men of the Church have provided a meal for the migrant workers.

Presbyterian Homes of South Carolina
Providence helps to touch the lives of older adults residing within this progressive care facility in a number of ways - from taking preschoolers out to visit and perform to providing transportation to and from worship services.

To learn more, email us at providencepres@aol.com.